Sketches, paintings, doodles and occasional random bits          

Ollie with a Christmas hat links to information about the book coming.

I started drawing as long ago as I can remember–maybe even before that. I have drawn, painted, sketched, etched, water-colored, inked, collaged, cartooned, silk screened, comped with markers… I have illustrated, designed posters, book covers, pamphlets, programs, menus, signs, costumes, stage sets, birthday cards, calendars and most everything else for fun, gifts and a livelihood.

Without a pencil, a pen, or a stylus, my hand feels naked.

Have a look around using the menu at the top of every page. Most work can be for sale. My time creating new things especially for you is always for sale.  contact me here.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

Life. What a ride it’s been (so far)!

If you want to read about my rather eclectic life thus far: its my story and I’m sticking to it:  The 60’s to my 60’s

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