Caribbean 1990’s, watercolour
Caribbean 1990’s different view

ovenwithplantsThe unused pizza oven provides a nice home for plants
(gouache and ink 2020)



Golden Dragon Museum Chinese Garden at Noon. Bendigo, Vic, Australia 2018 ( water color, colored pencil and ink)


The destruction of the village of Macondo, a city of mirrors.

The destruction of the village of Macondo, city of mirrors, from “100 Years of Solitude”. (digital collage)



“Opioid Visions” (awkening in a rehab center after hip replacement surgery, I saw my caregivers in a  drug hazed vision of mystery and within days I began sketching this vision before it faded from my mind…finally it is on paper) mixed media on Bristol Board [they were actually all wonderful nurses and lovely people]



Kayaking (water color)


A beautiful day in the marshland

A beautiful day in the marshland (water color)


Mountains in China (digital – mixed media)


subway riders, NYC (digital ink)

riding home_saturday fun

little girls riding home to Queens after a Saturday adventure in the city (painted on an iPhone using my finger while on the subway)

Across the street from our house in China (coloured pencil / ballpoint pen)

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