A Christmas Surprise!

After many years of doodling and writing
I have finally put my words and drawings together
in an ABC Book for Kids!

available for Christmas at Amazon.com

“Uncle Ollies Alphabet Follies” is a humorous take on children’s ABC books. It is written as poetry and illustrated by me.

Uncle Ollie, an eccentric Aussie naturalist, loves animals, alphabets, and rhyming. He takes us through the alphabet, telling us about interesting animals whose name begins with each letter in a simple rhyme. The rhymes are silly; but the facts are true.

This book is not intended for very young children. It will be best appreciated by teens, young adults and adults. Uncle Ollie’s language is a little rough from time to time (not as rough as TV but…). 

To be followed soon by Uncle Ollie Tells Short Tales: A collection of poems and short stories about kids adventures in everyday life.